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The Wealth Generator

The Wealth Generator

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The Red God of Wealth has the merit of being able to gather people, money, food and other things to enjoy freely and abundantly. By practicing the Red God of Wealth Dharma and reciting the mantra, you can be protected by the Red God of Wealth, have abundant financial resources, and avoid poverty and all financial difficulties.

5 Eye Lighting Dzi – The 5 circles on the Dzi represent the 5 Wealth of Gods, and lightning refers to the speed of getting, which helps to enhance spiritual energy, regulate weak physique, increase the cohesion of the magnetic field, and always be full of vitality. With the blessing and protection of the five Buddhas, you will rise step by step and become extraordinary. The blessing and help of the 5 Eye Lighting Dzi from the five gods of wealth bring in the gods of wealth, abundant wealth, and endless joy, and symbolize brightness, success, and perfection.

To boost up the benefits, we used Tridacna Stone as it calms one’s mind, enhances wisdom, and promotes good energy flow.


  • Red God of Wealth Thang-ka
  • 5 Eye Lighting Dzi
  • Tridacna Stone

Suitable For:

Someone who is having difficulties in financial and looking for quick solutions to money woes.

Beads Size: 10mm - 11mm

Bracelet Size: 15.5 cm 
Contact us if you need to change the size of the bracelet after you made the purchase.

* All bracelets come with a one-time complimentary restring service within 12 months.

Shipping & Returns

All orders placed before 12pm will be shipped out within the next 2-4 business days using either Singpost SmartPac or Qexpress. Orders placed after 12pm will be processed the next day.

A tracking number will be provided and you may track the status of item via the 2 links provided below.

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Care Instructions

Please treat all Dzi beads with Utmost Respect and Love as they are Holy Items.

Best to cleanse them at least once a week.

Methods recommended :

1. Place them in our Jian Zhan (建盏) with Old Sandalwood beads overnight

2. Use our Old Sandalwood Cleansing oil and rub the Dzi Beads in your palm

3. Place them in Singing bowls to get a sound bath

All the above methods we do have cleansing tools to aid you in achieving and harnessing the highest energy level for your Dzi Beads. Also cleansing service to assist you if you are unsure of how to go about it.

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  • Dzi Beads From Tibet

    All our Dzi beads are specially selected from Tibet and bracelets are handmade in Singapore.

  • Special Blessing by God in the Temple

    All Dzi items are blessed by the God in the Temple prior to sending out to customers. Click here for more info.

  • Donation to Charity

    For every sale we sold, we will donate a portion to charity. Click here for more info.