Our Story

One of the founders, Mandy came across Tibetan Thang-ka paintings and she was very attracted to how beautiful the paintings are.

She started to collect a few pieces and get to know about Dzi beads. The more she read up about them, the more amused she was regarding how holy they are to Tibetans and the benefits of receiving/ keeping Dzi beads.

One a blink of eye, she had collected more than 100 Dzi beads, many paintings hanging around her home as well as some Tibetan amulets.

Mandy began feeling all the happiness of having these holy items and she experienced huge improvement in her life especially in harmony and peace within her family. She started to receive small windfalls from lottery which didn’t happened before and she gave credits to her lovely Thang-kas and Dzi beads.

At this point, she started sharing her new found love to her best friend Irene, founder 2.

Irene went to Mandy’s house and saw her huge collection and Irene suggested that since Mandy has so much love, passion, knowledge about Dzi Beads and Tibetan’s belief why not let’s bring in more of such precious for others to benefit as well?

Previously Mandy had made many beautiful bracelets and wore them so Irene suggested going into online business promoting Dzi beads and Tibetans holy items into Singapore market as in Singapore itself, Dzi choices are limited and usually not on a low price range.

So this inspire both founders to come out with items which are not only affordable, beautiful, with powerful energies but also modern which is suitable for all age group as well as gender.

We hope to reach out to as many people as possible and while maintain their fashionable looks, they are doing better in their life in all aspects as well.

Dzi Empire has a goal - help everyone to achieve their goals and dreams in life. With that also to improve lives of less fortunate within our capabilities.

We hope everyone’s life will take a turn for the better and at the same time continue to look gorgeous and handsome with our modern designs.

Thank you so much for supporting our humble business and we hope we are able to continue bringing you beautiful, powerful Dzi beads and other holy items over the next few generations.