Membership Rewards

Once you made a purchase with us, you will automatically become our member. 

Collect Dzi Points to redeem vouchers to offset your next purchase with us.

How to earn Dzi points?

Task Dzi Points
Complete an order Earn 1 Dzi Point for every $1
Subscribe for newsletter 50 Dzi Points
Birthday Gift 200 Dzi Points
Follow on Instagram 50 Dzi Points
Like on Facebook 50 Dzi Points
Referred a Friend 100 Dzi Points


What you can redeem from Dzi points?

Dzi Points Vouchers
500 Dzi Points $10 Voucher
800 Dzi Points $30 Voucher
1200 Dzi Points $50 Voucher


Click on the "Rewards" button at the bottom right of the screen to earn or redeem your Dzi points.

Membership Rewards