What Are The Dzi Bead Do’s and Don’ts?

  1. You should wear it on the body, for example, hand, neck, leg, waist, etc. This is because it can sense and harmonize with the natural surrounding energy field around your body.
  2. Treat it with respect by removing it before engaging in any intimate activities.
  3. If it is broken, remove and replace it immediately.
  4. If you have an altar at home, it will be good to place the Dzi bead there for the blessing too.
  5. Do not lend it to other people or allow them to touch at will.
  6. It is a good practice to wear them frequently because it can allow the beads to interact with the magnetic field of your body.
  7. Avoid contact with Perfume, Soap Or Cosmetic
  8. Avoid wearing when bathing

Dzis are made with natural dyes which tend to be sensitive to synthetic liquids, especially alcohol-based liquid. It is important to ensure that your bead does not come into contact with synthetic liquids such as perfume, soap, cosmetic or skincare products.

In conclusion, you must take good care of your Dzi bead and believe in it without doubt. It will eventually bring you good fortune.

Are the bracelets already been cleansed?

After each bracelet is assembled, it will first be smoked cleanse using a sage, followed by placing it into a Tibet Singing bowl for a sound cleanse before it will be sent out to you.

The entire process will be handled in gloves and ensures that the bracelet is properly cleansed, activated and ready for wear for you.

Can I pass my bracelet to my friends/ family members?

In the event where you wish to pass your bracelet on to someone else, or if someone else have worn it before, you will need to reset your bracelet in order to be able to harness its energies again.

You may bury the bracelet in sea salt for 7 days or you may send back to us for a deep cleansing ritual and you will be able to wear it again afterwards.

Can I wear my bracelet to sleep?

Try not to as the level of energy is high, it might be disruptive to your sleep and in return impacts on your quality of sleep.

Can I wear my bracelet to shower or exposed to water?

Even if it’s dirty, avoid trying to wash the stone with water or soap. Washing may strip the the stone of its shine. Also waters in our taps today typically come with chemicals that may damage your stone over time. Similarly, don't bathe with your bead.

Dzi stones develop a shine/gloss from repeated wearing over time. The older a stone, the more it has been worn, the more body oil it will absorb over time.

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