Donation to Charity

We started Dzi Empire with the aim of bringing hope, faith and changing/improving your lives. Since we hope we can change/improve your lives, we also wish that the underprivileged families can feel the positive impact too. Not by giving them our bracelets but able to contribute to bring food to their tables, to fill their stomachs and let them know they are not alone.

For every sale we sold, we pledge to donate a portion to Willing Hearts in form of food ingredients in order for them to cook for the underprivileged families in Singapore.

Reasons why we decided to start a donation pledge :

There are billions of people in this world who are worse off than us. Some of these people have problems that are not their fault or are beyond their ability to prevent or change. We have the duty to care for other people, to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

First of all, donating to charity is a great mood-booster and You Are Part of this Great project! Why goodwill is essential and important part of our lives is the psychology of generosity. With positive self-esteem and self-worth comes a genuinely more optimistic mood and outlook on life as even more health benefits of giving.

And the final aspect of charity is improving the world community. We’re all trying to make the world a better place. On our minds, doing charity is really good and necessary action. All these activities can enhance our humanity’s status and develop ourselves. Most importantly, taking care and help each other as much as we can within our capabilities.

Hereby Dzi Empire would like to take this chance to thank Everyone of you for being part of our project! We wish your life would only be better, sweeter and loaded with endless laughter, happiness and great health.