Cinnabar Dzi (珠砂天珠)

Cinnabar Dzi

The cinnabar spots on Dzi beads are ferric oxide, which was resulted from the iron being exposed to the air for a long time and gradually developing its marks throughout the pores of raw materials from the inside out.

Some of the cinnabar spots are light brown in color and some are dark red.

Through the 10-times, 20-times or above magnifying glasses we can easily see the round red spots, which are the so-called cinnabar spots.

Some cinnabar spots can be seen by the naked eye. The cinnabar spots on Dzi beads are naturally developed, growing from the inside of the mineral to the outside through the pores, and they do not just cover the bead surface.

Finally, we would like to once again emphasize that the cinnabar spots are not artificially created.

As compared with normal Dzi beads, Dzi with cinnabar spots are rare, and are therefore so valuable and precious.

Any Dzi beads with rich distributed cinnabar spots is very unique and rare, let alone a Dzi Beads with rich cinnabar spots and fine appearance and quality.