Special Blessing by God in the temple

To ensure that all our Dzi items are highly charged with positive energy and brings out it’s best intentions to its’s wearer, all Dzi Empire items are brought to a temple and blessed by a God before we release them for sale.

Once it is blessed, it’s energies level are boosted up significantly and this additional step we take, are above all the cleansing steps we already have in place.

This is a very Unique benefit as it is not easy to have a tie up with a temple to specially conduct a blessing session for all the items we are promoting.

The reasons we are able to do so are because one of our founders is helping out at a temple on very regular basis. The God is appreciative of her help and offer this special blessing as a way of showing his gratitude.

Also the God is grateful that while we are doing a business, we also didn’t forget to give back a portion of our earnings to the under privileged families.

Hence the God is very happy to chip in his blessing as part of our Charity Drive.

Always Remember : Whatever Religion/Beliefs we have, all Higher Beings/ Gods will only want us to Do Good, Think Good and Be Good !