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The Wealth Catcher

The Wealth Catcher

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Treasure Vase Dzi – The leader and core of all wealth. It has the energy to gather all types of wealth.

3 Eye Dzi – Good luck, good fortune and longevity, obstacles will subside, wealth bank will expand and wealth will increase.

Bodhisattva Tara (Green) Dzi – Green Tara is the incarnation of Goddess of Mercy. It can break the cycle of life and death, eliminate all demonic obstacles, karma, illness, etc., and can eliminate disasters, increase blessings, extend life, and expand wisdom. Whatever you ask for, everything will come true. She is also well-known for protecting women and children.

Money Hook Dzi – Provide more opportunities to make money and increase ability to accumulate wealth. It can also stabilize financial fortune and prevent money leakage.

God of Wealth Dzi – Representing wealth and glory, the God of Wealth Dzi are also known as Benefactor Dzi. Its pattern resembles a human shape, symbolizing the help of benefactors, staying away from villains, gaining peace and prosperity, and good fortune.


极致黑白宝瓶天珠 – 是一切财富的首領和核心,具有汇聚正财、偏财和天降财的能量

极致黑白三眼天珠 – 福禄寿、吉星高照、障礙平息、財富不斷、扩大米库

极致黑白绿度母天珠 – 绿度母为观世音菩萨的化身,能断生死轮回,消除一切魔障、业障、病苦 等,并能消灾、增福、延寿、广开智慧,凡有所求,无不如愿成就,有护持妇女幼儿的功德。

极致黑白金钱钩天珠 – 能得到更多的赚钱机会和增加聚财的能力,还可以稳定财运,防止漏财。

极致黑白财神天珠 – 代表富贵荣华, 财神天珠又名贵人天珠,其图案类似人形,象征贵人相助,远离小人,平安顺遂,财运亨通。

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All orders placed before 12pm will be shipped out within the next 2-4 business days using either Singpost SmartPac or Qexpress. Orders placed after 12pm will be processed the next day.

A tracking number will be provided and you may track the status of item via the 2 links provided below.

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Care Instructions

Please treat all Dzi beads with Utmost Respect and Love as they are Holy Items.

Best to cleanse them at least once a week.

Methods recommended :

1. Place them in our Jian Zhan (建盏) with Old Sandalwood beads overnight

2. Use our Old Sandalwood Cleansing oil and rub the Dzi Beads in your palm

3. Place them in Singing bowls to get a sound bath

All the above methods we do have cleansing tools to aid you in achieving and harnessing the highest energy level for your Dzi Beads. Also cleansing service to assist you if you are unsure of how to go about it.

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  • Dzi Beads From Tibet

    All our Dzi beads are specially selected from Tibet and bracelets are handmade in Singapore.

  • Special Blessing by God in the Temple

    All Dzi items are blessed by the God in the Temple prior to sending out to customers. Click here for more info.

  • Donation to Charity

    For every sale we sold, we will donate a portion to charity. Click here for more info.