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The Perfect Ten

The Perfect Ten

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Fire Ritual Tiger Tooth Dzi – Eliminate all difficulties and everything will go smoothly, broaden your wisdom and understanding, and enhance your communication skills.

Fire Ritual Benefactor Dzi – Gain support from benefactor, stay away from villains, eliminate karma and serious crimes, avoid harm, and live a peaceful life

Fire Ritual Sun Moon Star Dzi – Harmony of yin and yang, can turn danger into peace, and escape suffering and gain happiness.

Fire Ritual 5 Eye Lightning Dzi – Blessed by the Buddhas of the five directions, and bring wealth quickly.

Fire Ritual Turtle Back Dzi – A sacred object blessed by the longevity Buddha in the West, bringing good luck, health and longevity.

Fire Ritual Bodhi Dzi – Can produce infinite intelligence, awaken to various confusions in life, and then improve the ability to solve problems.

Fire Ritual Treasure Vase Dzi – The leader and core of all wealth. It has the energy to gather all types of wealth.

Fire Ritual Heaven & Earth Dzi – The union of heaven and earth is the foundation of all living beings, increasing blessings and longevity. It can be filled with no hindrances, and happiness, wisdom, and longevity are complete.

Fire Ritual Phurba Dzi – Tantric magical weapons can subdue evil spirits and increase health and happiness.

Fire Ritual Constellation Dharma Hat Dzi – The balance of yin and yang can turn danger into peace, escape suffering and gain happiness, relieve danger and eliminate disasters, and has the energy to resolve the mutual restraint of the five elements and harmonize career, wisdom, power and health.

Beads Size:14mm

Bracelet Size: 16.5 cm 
Contact us if you need to change the size of the bracelet after you made the purchase.

* All bracelets come with a one-time complimentary restring service within 12 months.


火供虎牙天珠 – 排除万难,诸事顺利,广开智慧和领悟能力,增强沟通能力

火供贵人天珠 – 贵人扶持,遠離小人,消除業障重罪,免除危害,一生为安

火供日月星天珠 – 阴阳调和,生机勃发,能转危为安,离苦得乐之意

火供五言闪电天珠 – 五方佛加持、五路进财、步步高升、使运势飞腾高举、快速来财

火供龟甲天珠 – 是西方长寿佛加持的圣物,带来好运气和健康长寿

火供菩提天珠 – 能产生无限智能,觉悟生活上种种困惑,进而提升解决问题的能力

火供宝瓶天珠 – 是一切财富的首領和核心,具有汇聚正财、偏财和天降财的能量

火供天地天珠 – 天地合而为一结合众生之根基,增福、增寿,能充满无碍,福慧长寿圆满

火供金刚杵天珠 – 密宗法器,降伏妖魔,健康与福慧增长

火供星辰法帽天珠 – 陰陽平衡、能轉危為安、離苦得樂,解危除灾,有化解自相五行相剋和調柔事業、智慧、權勢與健康等能量

珠子尺寸: 14mm

手串尺寸: 16.5 cm 

* 所有手均享有 12个月内的一次性免费换线服务。

Shipping & Returns

All orders placed before 12pm will be shipped out within the next 2-4 business days using either Singpost SmartPac or Qexpress. Orders placed after 12pm will be processed the next day.

A tracking number will be provided and you may track the status of item via the 2 links provided below.

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Care Instructions

Please treat all Dzi beads with Utmost Respect and Love as they are Holy Items.

Best to cleanse them at least once a week.

Methods recommended :

1. Place them in our Jian Zhan (建盏) with Old Sandalwood beads overnight

2. Use our Old Sandalwood Cleansing oil and rub the Dzi Beads in your palm

3. Place them in Singing bowls to get a sound bath

All the above methods we do have cleansing tools to aid you in achieving and harnessing the highest energy level for your Dzi Beads. Also cleansing service to assist you if you are unsure of how to go about it.

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  • Dzi Beads From Tibet

    All our Dzi beads are specially selected from Tibet and bracelets are handmade in Singapore.

  • Special Blessing by God in the Temple

    All Dzi items are blessed by the God in the Temple prior to sending out to customers. Click here for more info.

  • Donation to Charity

    For every sale we sold, we will donate a portion to charity. Click here for more info.